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Simple Tricks for Overcoming Dental Anxiety Forever

Simple Tricks for Overcoming Dental Anxiety Forever

Dental anxiety can have a big impact on your overall health and quality of life. It can affect your diet, sleep, self-esteem, and overall confidence. Dental anxiety can also prevent you from visiting the dentist for routine checkups, keeping your smile healthy and bright.

Discuss your fears with your dentist

It is best to discuss your fear and concerns with your dentist. This way, you and your dentist can come up with a treatment plan that eases your worry and discomfort as much as possible. If needed, you can talk about other options available to help you relax throughout the procedure.

For instance, if the sound of the drill bothers you, you can ask for music to be played in the background, or you can simply ask for the drilling process to be stopped for a while. If you feel that the suction is making you uncomfortable, ask your dentist to stop using the tool temporarily. You can also request for a numbing gel to be used beforehand to ease the sensation of the suction.

Agree on a signal

Before your procedure starts, agree with your dentist on a signal you can use to communicate your comfort level. For example, you can raise your hand during a procedure to let the dentist know if you feel any discomfort or pain. This can be a good way of expressing your concerns during your dental treatment without interrupting the procedure.

Bring a support person

Being in the dentist’s chair can be scary for some people. Having a loved one by your side can help you calm your nerves. You can ask them to help you relax by rubbing your shoulders or by talking to you during the procedure to keep your mind off what’s happening in your mouth.

Also, if you’re anxious about dental visits, consider taking someone you trust with you for support. It may help to have them sit beside you and hold your hand during treatment to make you feel calmer. This also helps your dentist keep an eye on you while you’re being treated.

Bring distractions

It’s normal to feel anxious before a dental procedure. However, if you’re feeling extremely uneasy or scared during a visit, bring a distraction like a book/a magazine, or a music player to help keep your mind occupied and distracted during the appointment. The dentist will be able to safely complete the procedure while you relax.

Ask for sedation

And lastly, consider sedation dentistry if you are feeling too much pain and discomfort from the treatment. This is performed by an expert anesthesiologist who administers sedatives to you. You will be awake during the entire procedure, but you will not feel any pain or discomfort at all. Sedation dentistry is usually recommended for patients who need to undergo complex treatments like dental implants and other cosmetic dental procedures that require multiple sessions.

*Bonus tip* The best way to beat dental fear is to make an appointment at the dental office for regular checkups and cleanings. This way, you won’t feel as stressed about this time of the year because your dentist will already know how your teeth are doing.

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